5 Problems With Death

Sooo, we’ve been looking at death a little bit, recently. We’ve looked at different ways we can dispose of our bodies, ways in which we can use our body after death and unusual places to find dead bodies.    

This week, I thought, how gruesome it all was. How inconvenient.

What a problem for us death was.

Let’s instead look at the problems death causes us…

social-media-1233873_12805. No more social media.

Seriously? No more picking up your phone every 5 minutes just to see if someone liked your Facebook post or shared your tweet. No glow of the phone when you’re supposed to be sleeping and no tweeting along with live television. Can you imagine that?

Now, that is a top-level problem.

4. No more books. 

That’s right. Not only do you lose the one life you’re living, but you also lose the multitude other lives you’ve been living through all the books you’ve been reading. You don’t get to escape to Narnia, to walk through anyone’s wardrobe, walk the mean streets looking for bad guys, dive deep to the bottom of the sea. It’s all over. Silent.

3. No more friends. 

And I don’t mean talking to them on social media. I mean real, honest, in the flesh, friends. (Though, I’m not saying social media friends aren’t friends. I have made a lot of genuine friends through being active on social media. My life would be very different now if I hadn’t joined Twitter.) But, remember your friends. Think back to when you last made contact. Can you remember? What did you do? What did you say? Don’t let time slip by like sand through your fingers. It’s so easy to do. Make a quick call today, just to say hi. Or a text if you really don’t have the time. But I bet you have 5 minutes later this evening. Reach out, remind them you’re there. Pick up a card and send it to them – just because.

This one is important to me. I’ve lost friends because of my illness. So, the ones I have, I realise are real friends and they’re important to me. It’s so easy to let time slide. Let’s do our best to not let it.

2. No more creativity. 

What?! No more writing time. Or painting if that’s your thing. Or drawing, music, baking, gardening, flower arranging. Whatever your thing is. It’ll be no more. Do what you love and do it now. Don’t let fear hold you back. Fear of the unknown, whether you believe you can do it – you won’t know unless you try. Fear of people belittling you – it’s your life, just do it. Fear of success – yes, that’s a real one. Face it head on and enjoy what you do. This life is here for us. Jump in, feel the water.

  1. No more fun. 

I’m not sure we’re having enough of this to miss it anyway. Really, are we? Too busy dashing about doing the chores and the things you think you need to do, to think about having fun?

When was the last time you carved out a little time for yourself, to make yourself smile? It makes the days so much more bearable and worthwhile. Finger paint with the kids. Get dirty. Take your camera outside and see if you can take those photos where people can catch the clouds in their fingers. Tweet the results. (Back to point 5 – oops! It’s just because I’m nosey.) Paint each toenail a different colour. Smile at strangers. Next time you’re in the lift/elevator do a silly dance. When I was working I started a cake club – we had a rota and each Monday morning we had a freshly baked home-made cake come in. It was great for morale.

Find something that works for you. Remember life is more than chores and you can always find a way to make yourself and your friends smile.


8 thoughts on “5 Problems With Death

  1. I like the wit in this very much, Rebecca. But I also like the underlying message. It can be the simplest thing, but choosing the positive makes sense. There’s plenty of darkness and sadness in the world; I think it’s good to do life-affirming things, too.

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  2. You nailed it, Rebecca! How often we don’t realise what we are missing until it’s gone. I admit I’m a bit of a moaner and also see the dark side of things, but while I can never become an insanely optimistic person, you have to take your fun and contentment where you can.

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