5 Unusual Places To Find A Dead Body

We’re all used to our dead bodies, in crime fiction, being easily found, in the street, or a home, or somewhere equally simple to start off the investigation. But truth can often be much stranger than fact and bodies aren’t always left in easy to find places.

We have discussed how you could possibly dispose of a body once killed, but today I’m going to tell you about 5 real life examples of places bodies have actually been found. (Not necessarily murdered.)

5. On top of a mountain. Now this one isn’t suspicious. But, did you realise that if you die while climbing Mount Everest you are left there for eternity. You’re not brought down to your family or buried, you’re left on the mountain.There are over 200 bodies on the Everest. Many of which are passed by those trying to reach the summit. If you are interested, you can see photographs at this link. It’s nothing too gruesome, as they are frozen and there are no faces, but it reports life and death on the mountain that claims so many lives but still draws so many people to it.

4. On a TV set location. During the filming of season 3 of CSI: New York a mummified corpse was found in a building the crew were filming in. It was even creepier for them because the storyline they were filming was about a mummified corpse!

skulls-1433178_12803. Mexico’s Mayan Sacrificial Pools. These are relaxing clear blue pools where couples and families go to relax, unwind and enjoy the local beauty. That is unless they dive down right to the bottom where they will find a lot of skeletal bodies. Hundreds. They were sacrificed centuries ago to the rain god Chaak and are still resting at the bottom of the pool. Nice huh?

2. The Hanging Cliff Coffins of Asia. There are some utterly magnificent jaw-dropping cliffs, in the Yibin District of Sichuan Province in southern China, but as you look up at them you might notice something strange. Black boxes in rows going up the sheer-drop sides. Rows and rows of boxes. The boxes are coffins filled with corpses of the Bo people who came before the Ming Dynasty and the only people who know why the coffins are on those cliffs are in the boxes. Though, the ritual has been continued, even though many of the coffins have fallen off the cliff… It does literally rain men.

1. Captured on Google Maps. That’s right, a crime scene was inadvertently captured by the all-seeing Google and uploaded onto the internet. The victim being a young boy in Richmond, Virginia. His corpse and the investigators were caught on camera and it took four years for it to be noticed and taken down.


15 thoughts on “5 Unusual Places To Find A Dead Body

  1. I still vote for manure piles. It’s been done here. And, I am told, is a quite effective means of disposal. Not that I have any direct personal knowledge … 😉 I’ve seen the L&O show where they find a mummified body in the wall … how freaky it actually happened in real life.

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  2. This is really interesting, Rebecca! I can only imagine how it must have felt for the television staff to find a real-life corpse! Wow! And the others are fascinating, too. I suppose it just goes to show you to look carefully wherever you go – even online!

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    1. Hi, I’m glad you found the blog. And that you enjoyed the post. This is part of a series of quirky interesting crime/death related facts. You can find the others here; https://rebeccabradleycrime.com/category/writing/ I do write. I have two novels out. If you’re looking at this on a laptop/desktop, you’ll see them in the right-hand sidebar. If you’re looking at it on a mobile device, scroll all the way to the bottom. (I need to make this clearer – I do apologise. I’m in the middle of having a new website built which will make this obvious.) Thanks again!

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