The New Character Name Is…

random-org-true-random-number-service-clipular-9I’ve been running a promotion for a character name in the upcoming novella I’ve written, the DC Sally Poynter prequel.

That promotion has now ended and I have done the draw.


We have a character.

That character is female.

That character is – Donna Dickson

Congratulations Donna! I know exactly which character I am going to rename for you. You’ll fit in perfectly.

The novella will be released this Autumn and I will be releasing further details soon. It’s been a great little project to work on and I’m excited to see what you think of it.

2 thoughts on “The New Character Name Is…

  1. Too exciting Alex!! Thank you Rebecca, I truly love your writing, stories and characters and really look forward to reading your words once again. Now….off for a celebratory tea!! 🙂


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