Back To Basics – The Police Rank Structure

As I was sat around last night, trying to figure out what Policing topic I was going to cover, I realised that we were leaping ahead in some of our posts. I had wanted to try and work my way from the beginning of a crime scene to the end of a case, but with a couple of questions coming in, I’d thrown myself off course somewhat. So, I needed to focus.

Don’t worry, this can all go tumbling sideways again…

Making Your Crime Fiction Realistic (6)But, the first post I did was on Police Working Relationships, Here, where I discussed the differences between uniformed officers and detectives (nothing in the case of rank) and what officers would call each other.

I realised, what I hadn’t done, for anyone wanting to write crime, who really didn’t know anything about the policing structure, that I hadn’t mentioned the rank structure itself. I mean, that really is remiss of me.

So, let me put that straight. Bear in mind, this is for all UK forces, other than the Met.




Chief Inspector


Chief Superintendent

Assistant Chief Constable

Deputy Chief Constable

Chief Constable

The Metropolitan Police – after Ch Supt


Deputy Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner


City of London Police  – after Ch Supt


Assistant Commissioner


You can find all previous posts in the Policing series, Here. And if you have any questions you’d like answering in a post, please leave them in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Back To Basics – The Police Rank Structure

    1. Yes, it would be helpful because this doesn’t help crime writers working in other countries. Though I do think there is another crime writer and blogger who is doing something similar for the US.


  1. Thanks, Rebecca. This is really helpful. Doesn’t matter what police service you’re talking about, it’s as well to understand the rank system.


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