Hannah Robbins Has Prize Winning Covers!

I’m such a slow blogger sometimes!

The information in this post is something that happened back in May! Can you believe that? And I’m only just telling you…

But yes, The DI Hannah Robbins series won best series covers in the BookExpo America Indie Author Fringe Festival.

There were several categories to enter and I entered the series fiction category, using both covers for the newly redesigned Shallow Waters and Made to be Broken.

I was thrilled to win as I was up against stiff competition and as you can see, it was worldwide. Independent authors realise that they have to take the business side of writing books seriously and that includes using editors as well as professional book designers.

Design for Writers designed my covers and I’m thrilled with them. They’re about to work on the cover for the novella I’m finishing. (Which I’m a little behind on I’m afraid, as the launch of Made to be Broken took it out of me health wise, so slowed me down, but it’s coming along ok and book three has been started.)

Oh, and for winning, I was really lucky to receive Dragon Dictate, the dictation software so I can talk to my laptop and it does all the hard work for me! I’m still getting used to it. I’m still training my Dragon, but it’s a great tool and I’m really pleased with it. It’ll prove really helpful, especially on days when I have problems with my hands.

So, as far as series fiction goes, which are some of your favourites in terms of covers and why? Do they all catch your eye in a different way or do you like that they all have a theme? What draws you in to a cover? I’d really love to know.

19 thoughts on “Hannah Robbins Has Prize Winning Covers!

  1. Many congratulations. Not modern and probably not particularly helpful but I love the 60s Fontana Agatha Christie covers mainly because they are spectacularly kitsch and camp. They always make me laugh.

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  2. Congratulations. Book covers are important, so to get an accolade like that suggests you should see strong interest in your books.

    Having said that, I can’t say I have a strong preference for book cover styles. The main thing is that it has to be striking and capture the theme/tone of the book.

    Incidentally, that software must be a Godsend.

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