How Will Your Body Be Identified When You Die?

face-623315_1280This post comes courtesy of a personal conversation that we had in our house on Saturday afternoon and continued into a restaurant as we ate. Who knows what our fellow diners thought of us.

The joys of being a crime writer!

The subject left me quite perturbed as I realised that if I went missing and a body was recovered miles away from home and police asked my Other Half for an identifying feature on the recovered body of a 5-foot brunette, he wouldn’t be able to give them one. So they wouldn’t know if he should be the person to come to look at me!

On the other hand, he has a birth mark on his leg, my son has a mole on the underside of one of his toes and my daughter has a surgical mark from a mole removal.

I have not one identifying mark. For all my ills, they are invisible. I am nondescript.

I am invisible.

I am simply a 5-foot brunette.

This led to much fun at my expense on Saturday.

We sat around a restaurantΒ table laughing about being washed up on beaches, fishes eating away at our faces, people stealing our rings and if I was still able to talk, then I could nag! Not every family’s Saturday afternoon type of conversation!

giphy (1)

So, my question to you, is, if you were killed and then found miles from home, are you as nondescript as I am or do you have an identifying feature your loved ones could provide to give an indication to police that they were looking at the correct person?

And, what’s the strangest lunchtime table discussion you’ve had in public?

23 thoughts on “How Will Your Body Be Identified When You Die?

  1. I have a scar across my right eyebrow and a chicken pox scar on my forehead. Also caesarean scar, but loads of women will have those. I don’t have any birth marks or tattoo’s.
    I’m sure I’ve had many random conversations over meals, especially with my friend, Gayle!

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  2. Surely it would depend on how badly damaged the body was. A photo of the face ought to be enough – my identifying scar from skin cancer on my forehead might not survive. Can’t think of anything else – a moderately overweight 5’5″ woman with dyed hair and wide feet. Sounds lovely!


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