Made To Be Broken – Available For Pre-Order!

I now have a release date for Made to be Broken.

Thursday 30th June!

Yes, in less than 4 weeks time, DI Hannah Robbins and team will be entering the world again. It’s a scary period for a writer, waiting for the readers verdict on a new book, but early reader feedback has been really positive, so I’m holding the nerves in and getting on with things.

There will be giveaways and a Facebook launch party on the day (once I set it up!) if anyone wants to pop by and say hello.

Hannah and her team are really up against it this time. And if you’ve read Shallow Waters, you’ll know they might struggle to keep it together after events that occurred then. If you haven’t read Shallow Waters, it’s currently been dropped in price to 99p, so grab it ready and see what happened.

Made to be Broken

dfw-rb-mtbb-cover-midA rising death toll. A city in panic.

A young mother is found dead in her home with no obvious cause of death. As DI Hannah Robbins and her team investigate, it soon becomes clear that the woman is the first in a long line of murders by poison.

With the body count climbing, and the city of Nottingham in social meltdown, the team finds themselves in a deadly race against a serial killer determined to prove a point.

And Hannah finds herself targeting an individual with whom she has more in common than she could possibly know.

Pre-order on Amazon UK and Amazon US as well as all other Amazon stores.

Early reader reviews;

‘Tense, pacy and emotionally raw. A darkly addictive thriller that will leave you wanting more.’ – Jane Isaac, author of An Unfamiliar Murder and Before It’s Too Late.

‘Bradley covers grim topics with an honest, authentic and sensitive touch. With astute characterisation and acute attention to detail, this is crime fiction at its raw, gritty best.’ – SJI Holliday author of Black Wood and Willow Walk.

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