Changing And Moving The Blog…

Yes, the time has come for the blog to get a complete and utter makeover.

I just wish it was as easy for me to get one! (But more on that, later in the week.)

dfw-rb-sw-cover-3d-nologoAs the launch of Made to be Broken approaches, I’ve been thinking about the look of the blog and have considered having a landing page where I can show both books off – along with their fabulous new covers. And, what I haven’t yet mentioned, is there will be a third book out just before Made to be Broken (I hope).  A prequel to Shallow Waters from the point of view of DC Sally Poynter, so readers can learn a little more about her. (No plot spoilers in the comments, please.) Which means there will be three beautiful book covers to show off.

Also, there has been a recent issue come up with my mailing list. Mailchimp has decided that using a gmail address isn’t good form and very soon I probably won’t be able to get the emails through to anyone who also has a gmail email address, which isn’t a good place to be, as you’ll be missing out on so much.

I do have a rebeccabradleycrime email address, but because I have my domain pointing to this hosted WordPress site it will cost me for them to do something or other technical to make it work (I already asked them and according to my domain supplier it’s not that difficult).

hand-truck-564242_1280So, with the issues of wanting a new look anyway and problems with the email list, if I change from the hosted (free) WordPress site to a self-hosted (where I pay for the hosting but not the WordPress software) WordPress site, then I can make it look the way I want it to and I can make my email work as well. Two (electronic) birds, one stone.

Please don’t worry about the new look. I will still be blogging regularly, but I may have to change the blog section of the address to rebeccabradleycrime/blog or something…

What I’m wondering, and I’ve done a bit of research and the www is telling me it’s an easy enough task, is, has anyone done this, swapped from hosted to self-hosted and what difficulties did you encounter? What do I need to be careful of?

And, if you like the blog, will you please, please make sure, your reader is box-41658_1280still following the new one. I’ll leave this blog here redirecting to the new one. Only this will have it’s full WordPress title in the url bar.

This is quite scary for me. I have built up an active blog with great blogging friends and it terrifies me that I’m going to be lost in space all on my own! But, hopefully, this will be the last move we make. The previous one was from Blogger to WordPress.

So, I”m not sure of an exact date, but I think I’m going to get it done pretty quickly, please bear with me as I make the change and try to build a new site at the new location.

29 thoughts on “Changing And Moving The Blog…

  1. Hi Rebecca, not sure if you follow hayleysbookblog on Twitter she has a blog called rathertoofondofbooks and has done exactly the same. She posted a blog post yesterday about it.

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  2. At least that is good news for fans that your have a link here redirecting your fans to your new site. We will all find you and still follow you. Suzanne x.

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  3. I have been thinking about doing this self same thing for a while now, and will be studying your progress. Sorry I cannot be of any help, but I know you will be helping so many others in the process!

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  4. Hi Rebecca, I changed to self hosted on some time ago. It’s great because you have far more control of your domain. I’ve currently employed a designer who is revamping the whole site (should be ready in about three weeks). I’m really excited because she’s putting it together in a way that expresses my writing. The only down side is that it’s like starting all over again. I have gone from having a decent amount of daily visitors to just a few. I’m having to work hard to build it up and build my subscriber list too. My site wasn’t as busy as yours either. But I do understand you wanting to showcase your books. It’s a tough decision. Unless you’re technically minded, you will have to employ someone to fix your site if you run into problems, but you can easily source help on freelancing sites. Use a good provider. I’ve been with GoDaddy for years and their customer service is excellent. But then again you do own your site. Good luck, whatever you decide.

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    1. Thanks, Caroline. I know I should have done this a while ago which is why I’m doing it now before I build up any more readers and it gets even more scary! I just hope it doesn’t all go crashing down. Looking forward to seeing your new site.


    1. Thanks, Alex. It’s a pain the change because of gmail. Having a cloud based email is always useful because you can access it from anywhere and rarely change it because you still keep it even if changing providers.


  5. I know your new blog will be fabulous, Rebecca! And I don’t blame you for wanting to show off those great books. I wish you well sorting it all out, and I am one million percent certain you’ll do a terrific job.

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  6. I switched from to–self-hosted. Since I was still using WP, they moved all of my subscribers for me–I was shocked. One day, I had 1 subscriber to my new site (me) and the next I had my thousands back. So, don’t worry about that bit.

    Email–I also use MailChimp and saw their notice. If you own your domain (mine is through GoDaddy, you probably have a free email address with them. All you have to do is activate that. I just did that, three years after starting with GoDaddy (because of MChimp’s notice) and the helpful GD folks walked me through it. No biggie once I figure out how to forward that email to my main email.

    The difficulties are: Every time something on my self-hosted site doesn’t work, I have to solve it. That’s stressful. I need an IT Guy but I don’t have one. And cost–so much more expensive. It only makes sense if you want control over your own layout and/or want to sell advertising (which I do on my Ask a Tech Teacher blog–not my writer blog, WordDreams).

    Good luck! With the move and your two new books. Can’t wait to read them!

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    1. Thanks, Jacqui. There’s some tech glitch that means my domain email won’t work because it’s pointing at the hosted WordPress site and WordPress are going to charge me to do the little bit of technical wizardry needed to make it work. I may as well pay for hosting – which gives me the freedom to use more plugins so I have more bells and whistles. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan. I’m hoping to try and do it this weekend. Hoping…


  7. It’s good to change things up as your career advances, and of course you want to show off all your book covers in their glory 🙂 I can’t help with any of the technical bits though – I could not get my head around WordPress at all!

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    1. Thank you, Annalisa. I love WordPress. It did take a couple of days to get used to after blogger but I much preferred it once I’d got my head around it. I’m sure I’ll be happy once I make this move as well. It’s just change is always hard… 😆


  8. Good luck with your re-design! I gave my blog a huge makeover at the weekend and finally bought my domain, which I’m very happy about. I’m still looking into going self-hosted, I just don’t know enough to do it yet but I think I will in time. I hope all goes well for you.

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      1. Thank you so much for sharing the post about moving to self-hosting. I’ve bookmarked it and will have a proper read of it when my brain’s in gear. Good luck with your blog move.


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