Inside The Mind Of A Major Procrastinator

How often do you intend to get on with a task but suddenly realised you didn’t quite get done what you’d wanted to?

I recognise myself as a procrastinator. I work really well to deadlines. If I’m given an unlimited period of time to do a piece of work in, I do lots of other things other than the job I’m supposed to be doing – until of course, the deadline looms like a dark monstrous shadow blocking all light out of the day.

Do you recognise this phenomenon in yourself? If so, then this TED video will make you smile.


Did you recognise anything in the video?

13 thoughts on “Inside The Mind Of A Major Procrastinator

  1. You’re not alone, Rebecca. I teach so many students who are the same exact way. Give them a deadline and they respond well to it. But without that ‘push,’ well….it doesn’t quite work out the same way…


  2. I haven’t watched the video, because I’m listening to some really cool music, but I know I’m a procrastinator. But give me a deadline, and I’m always ahead of it – which I think is the best way to be. Now if only I could take my own self-imposed deadlines as seriously!

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    1. That’s my problem Cleo, I figure out that they’re pretend then I end up working right up to the real deadline just as this guy does. I’m this guy all over. Though I am trying not to be. As a writer I am now trying to make myself sit down and write every day so I can produce the work. It’s been a difficult one to master!


    1. It does tend to make you actually laugh out loud doesn’t it? I did, which is why I thought I’d share it, plus it resonated so much so I imagined it might with at least a few of the blogs readers πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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