If We Were Having Coffee I’d Tell You It’s Been A Long Week!

The #weekendcoffeeshare is the brainchild of PartTimeMonster. We sit down every weekend and share our week in a more informal, personal way than maybe the rest of our blog posts are written. Feel free to join in.


It’s been a while since I sat down with you and had a cuppa so we need to catch up. As you know from the post on Monday where I told you it has been emotionally difficult being medically retired from the police as a detective constable, it’s just been hard to sit down and write posts for a few weeks, but my tea is made and I’m here.

As it’s been a while there might be a bit too much to put in this post, so I’ll try to keep it short. In fact, I’ll only tell you about my week. The week from hell. Where all I’ve had time for is making tradesmen cups of tea and coffee and trying to block out noise and intrusion in my home as they worked.

You see, this week I had two rooms plastered. One is my sons and the other is my office. I can’t wait to finish my office and have somewhere really lovely to go and work! There will be photos when it’s done, in fact, there may even be a Periscope video of #whereIwrite (So get on Periscope!)

I also had the back garden done and this, I hope, is going to be another space for me to work in if the weather is clear and not raining. We used to have a nice lawn and some patio slabs which we kept clear of weeds but once we had Alfie he started to dig holes. Lots and lots of holes. So much so it looked as though we had a whole rabbit warren in the garden. He was digging for stones to eat. We previously have had a dog die of doing the very same thing, many many years ago, so we decided to hardcore the garden and have patio and decking only. No grass for him to dig. Once we made the decision we just left the garden, no mowing or anything and it looked like a jungle.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m about to show you the before and after photographs and the before is shocking, but I adore the after. I haven’t been one for sitting in the garden in the past, but now I think I will.

The overgrown, rabbit warren looking garden before. – including some patio slabs removed by neighbours!



As the garden progressed Alfie watched and I stressed…

Then this happened.

The finished product!
The finished product!

We have ordered new rattan furniture so I can relax out there, but it hasn’t arrived yet, but now, we do have a new room for me to use. If the weather holds. It was hard work having such intrusion, especially when I was feeling a bit emotional anyway, but they were lovely guys and I’m so so pleased with it all.

I’m also glad to have caught up with you. What have you been doing since we last had chance to sit down and actually talk? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee I’d Tell You It’s Been A Long Week!

  1. I love your garden it looks a great place to sit and work or relax if it ever stops raining! I’ve not done much. Read a bit, TV watched a bit, job hunted a bit because only six week to go before I finish. Mainly counting down to Harrogate which I’m really looking forward too.


  2. Rebecca, I had no idea you’d been in the Police or medically retired. Where have I been I wonder whilst you were telling this tale? For some reason this must have gone right over my head. I knew you ad been ill of course, but I must have missed a big chunk of information. I am sorry to read this, but it seems to me you have filled your time with a project. There is nothing like a project to keep your mind off the demons and help you get through the horrid times. Your garden is looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos and your story. Will you miss your builders and the canteen duties when they’ve finished the two rooms? What is your next project or are don? Have you longed for peace and quiet and some ‘alone’ time? Wishing you well in your retirement and I do hope your health improves. Looking forward to seeing your photos and reading more. Have a fab week. 🙂


  3. Love the new back yard Rebecca- that stone work is beautiful. This week – we are house/dog sitting and taking my mum for her hospital appointment, then we go home and it is a long weekend and the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival which I am very much looking forward to. Other than that…reading, cooking and more reading.


  4. Rebecca, I have been thinking about your blog, after reading your book which I really enjoyed (keep them coming!). I am so glad you have projects on the go, even the noise and endless tea! My heart went out to you. I was in the job many years go, and loved it, now my daughter who has the same service as you goes through it. I am glad you are making a whole new area of friends, and hope the ones you said good bye to, will hang in there and give you lots of good ideas for future books.


  5. I love before an after photos – there’s nothing quite like seeing a project reach fruition! I’ll look forward to seeing the photos of your writing space. It’s nice to get a picture of where other writers beaver away and create different worlds for us to enjoy! Have a great weekend 😀


  6. I love your garden (and no mowing for himself!) I wish we had one, but we’ve just got a Corrie type backyard – you know what I mean! It’s really boxed in so useless even for drying clothes! I have garden envy over yours. Let’s hope you get lots of Hannah Robbins #2 written out there over a long hot summer! And keep your chin up! xx


  7. Oh, Rebecca, your new back yard looks delightful! I want to sit out there myself! And now you can enjoy it without worrying about Alfie. Can’t wait to see how your new office turns out too. I remember how excited I was when I built my own. There’s nothing like having a nice place to work. And I know big life changes are hard and sometimes painful. I admire you for making the choices you had to make.


  8. Very nice! Know it’s hard to be hearing all the pounding and whatnot, but what a lovely finished product. I love the fact that they incorporated some designs into the tile work. Hoping your new rattan furniture arrives soon and your back yard can be a very zen place for you – as well as your office, of course. And here’s hoping for a better week to come!


  9. I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations, but I’m definitely glad to have you back around for the coffee share! The garden space looks amazing!


  10. Lovely patio. Well worth the mess and stress it seems. We had some work done at our house a few months ago. Bathroom remodel, new back porch, “ramp” for front entrance, etc, etc (all having to do with making place more wheelchair accessible for hubby). A bit of a mess for a few weeks (or so) around here but worth it when done 🙂


  11. Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you AND your beautiful new patio! We just bought new patio furniture today and are also eagerly awaiting some new lounge canopy beds! Cheers to many relaxing, rejuvenating hours spent in your new outdoor space! 🙂 Shelah


  12. Hi Rebecca, it’s been a long time since I’ve stopped by your blog. I love this type of post, I have seen a few of these posts now, think there a fab idea and often an interesting read. I’d forgotten that I wanted to give it a go and then came across your post and it reminded me,l thanks for that.

    Your patio looks fabulous, a little sanctuary to work in on a beautiful day.



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