Monday Catch-Up

0007354492N-849x565I’m sorry I missed a few posts last week. I missed putting up Friday’s First Draft post and then at the weekend I missed Saturday’s #WeekendCoffeeshare where I’d tell you about my past week and also Sunday’s post where I’ve been posting the chapters of Shallow Waters.

I’ve actually got quite a lot to catch you up on and Saturday would have been a good place to have done most of it, so you’re going to have to bear with me today. Unfortunately, I was in A&E on Thursday evening and that threw everything out. The breakthrough pain I had was unbearable and the medications I had at home weren’t touching it. I had overdone it on Wednesday, though what you class as over-doing it and I now class as over-doing it, are two completely different things and I was severely paying for it. The hospital sorted me out but I needed to see my GP for a prescription on Saturday and it took some recovering from overall. All weekend in fact. So that was that.

Anyway, moaning over.

The Bite-sized interviews I started for the YouTube channel (you can find the first 4 here) are starting again. In fact, I did another one last Wednesday. Only when I played it back my audio wasn’t working – yet it was ok when we were talking live. So that has to be re-done. I also have others lined up. I’m getting a new laptop in a couple of weeks so what I think I’m going to do is put them all off until I’ve got that and start again then. So, if you enjoyed those interviews, don’t worry, they are returning.

I did another library talk last week which was great fun. It was with a book club and they were a pleasure to talk to, really engaging and enthusiastic as you’d expect from a book group meeting in a library. Lots of questions asked and one person had already read Shallow Waters, a couple of others ordered it through the library system and a couple were going to go home and order it from Amazon.

And speaking of Amazon, I took the decision last week to withdraw Shallow Waters from all the other platforms and leave it solely on Amazon and on Amazon Select because I wasn’t selling on the other platforms so I thought I would see what Select does for me. I’m only tied into it for 90 days. If I’m not happy with the decision I can always turn it around again.

That then leads us to Sunday’s post, which I also missed as I was ill, but where I have usually been posting chapters of Shallow Waters. I’m a little concerned that the content might not be suitable for a blog. Yes, for a crime novel where the reader can read the blurb before they pick it up and buy it and can put it down anytime they want, but to just throw it out into someone’s face when they might not be expecting it – if they come across the blog by accident that day for example – it could be a bit much. So I’m taking the decision to stop that particular series on a Sunday. I hope what I have posted so far has given you a taster of the novel.

And I think I’ve caught you up on everything!

Well, nearly, but we’ll leave the rest for another day 🙂

How has your week been?



7 thoughts on “Monday Catch-Up

  1. I was worried about you last Friday, and was curious to hear how your library talk went under the circumstances, but I’m glad that it went well. Even though you had to spend the whole weekend recovering from it!
    Hope this week goes a lot better for you – all the best!


  2. So sorry to hear about your weekend, Rebecca. I hope you’re feeling stronger now. And I know all about the technical glitches that can happen when you’re trying to do a video. You never know what can go wrong. Looking forward to learning how you get on with Amazon Select; I’ve been wondering what that was like.


  3. How tiresome for your audio glitches. Hoping that your new laptop will make things easier in that regard. My mystery book group is at a library branch and we have such a good time. Glad that went well for you. I’m sure the group loved having your visit. So sorry about your health issues this weekend. Take care and we’ll be around whenever you feel like sharing something. 🙂


  4. Good rundown. I appreciate the update. I know I lose days with my migraines–as with you, totally unexpected usually–but I think your issues are a bigger challenge. It’s why I never feel sorry for myself–there’s always someone with bigger challenges. Keep it up. Your writing will adapt to your needs. I have no doubt.


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