If We Were Having Coffee – A Week Of Highs For Being An Author

The #weekendcoffeeshare is the brainchild of PartTimeMonster. We sit down every weekend and share our week in a more informal, personal way than maybe the rest of our blog posts are written. Feel free to join in.


If we were having coffee I’d say it’s been a few weeks since we sat down together and did this. The past couple of weekends has been a bit off, health-wise and I just couldn’t get a post together. I’d ask you how you are and what you’ve been up to over these missed weeks?

If were having coffee, I’d be drinking tea as usual and I’d tell you it’s been a mixed bag of news over these past couple of weeks, some of which I’ll leave for other posts, but this week, well this week, it’s all ended on quite the positive note and it’s all about being an author.

As a self-publishing author, I was absolutely thrilled at my mention in the publishing industries trade magazine The Bookseller, in the Independent Author Preview: March 2015. Shallow Waters was listed under Crime and Thrillers Here. I had no previous indication it was going to be listed. It’s not a review, just a listing. I have no idea how indie books are picked up on their radar for this feature, but I’mΒ thrilled nonetheless.

I was then contacted by the Nottingham Post we set up a telephone interview. It was quite funny because I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t prepare in any way and in turn felt I rambled a bit too much, but the finished article is now in the Saturday paper and online HERE. The article’s author, Lynette Pinchess asked for a photograph to put with it. One where I was holding Shallow Waters. I didn’t have one. Start photographic session with 11-year-old son! Not a bad job to say he was itching to go back out to play and I hated posing.

Ebook cover

On a last note, due to a lovely sunny week here in the UK, I’ve dropped the price of Shallow Waters in a Spring sale. It’s 99p in the UK Amazon store and $1.47 in the US one. And as I’ve just looked, it has also now managed to hit one of the charts in the US Amazon store which I haven’t seen before. It’s number 69 in Murder! What a great end to my week.



So, another drink? Tell me more about your week….

39 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – A Week Of Highs For Being An Author

  1. I had no idea you’d sold so many! Well done you! I’m so impressed! I think that local paper interview could be so important, as people LOVE reading about places they know! (I definitely do!) So hopefully all Nottingham crime fans will be snapping up Shallow Waters! When that milestone birthday was mentioned, I definitely thought it was 30 – but then I did some arithmetic. But that’s how old you look, anyway! Just think – the book’s only been out 3 months!!

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  2. Wonderful news about Shallow Waters! I think it’s one of the best crime/mysteries I have read so I definitely think it (and you) deserves all the attention it can get!


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