If We Were Having Coffee – I’d Introduce You To Alfie

The #weekendcoffeeshare is the brainchild of PartTimeMonster. We sit down every weekend and share our week in a more informal, personal way than maybe the rest of our blog posts are written. Feel free to join in.

24.11.14 299

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that it’s been a bit of a poor week for me this week, starting last weekend when I took a turn for the worst with my health and had to spend the day horizontal in bed for the entire weekend. It took some recovering from and my mood was low for the rest of the week as I tried to pick myself back up from it. Realising just how fragile you really are is not conducive to a happy mood.

Anyway, we’re a week on, my pain level is now back to its usual level and therefore I’m starting to level back out as well.

You know my one constant when I’m ill? It’s Alfie. My cockerpoo dog. If you follow me on Twitter you will know all about him as I regularly post photos of him and his days, but today, I thought I’d introduce him properly so we could sit and drink our coffee (or tea) in peace.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – I’d Introduce You To Alfie

  1. So sorry to hear you had a setback, Rebecca. But I am glad you’re feeling a bit better now. And I know just what you mean about a dog being a constant. Mine are, too. Alfie is a delightful pup, and I’m grateful you shared him with us. I’ll bet he means the world to you and your family.

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  2. It sounds like it’s been quite a tough week – and we’ve missed your cheery presence online. Hope you don’t have many more such days/weeks. Alfie is such a character – trust animals never to perform for camera or other people!

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    1. They say never work with animals don’t they. I suppose I’m just grateful he didn’t jump all over the camera! And thank you for noticing I wasn’t about as much! I’m hoping this week is more back to normal 🙂


  3. Oh what a sweetie! I watched the whole thing twice. Love dogs! My Casey (a Lab) started gaining weight–tons of it!–so I couldn’t give him anything like treats. Well, he still gained weight, until he’d almost doubled his usual weight. Finally, the Vet figured out it was his thyroid. He lost his weight and we’re back to treats.

    Life is awful when you can’t give your best friend treats.

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    1. Thanks Jacqui! Alfie is quite a little chunk to be honest and all he gets is his normal dog food and bits of treat when he’s walked to make sure he returns when called. He doesn’t normally get it in the house but I used it so I could get him in front of the camera and as you could see, they were very small pieces. I’m glad your very figured out what was wrong with Casey. They really are a part of our family aren’t they 🙂


  4. Sweet pup! He looks like great company. And I just love the name!

    We have a terrier/border collie mix who is snuggly and keeps me company while I work from home. It’s really nice—I think he and I might both be a little lost without each other. 🙂

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