If We Were Having Coffee I’d Talk About Family And Insecurity

The #weekendcoffeeshare is the brainchild of PartTimeMonster. We sit down every weekend and share our week in a more informal, personal way than maybe the rest of our blog posts are written. Feel free to join in.


If we were having coffee (tea – sorry, I can’t help myself!) I’d tell you the above photo is actually me right now, writing this post. I’d then tell you it’s been a bit of a strange week for me. I’ve pretty much spent the week alone. My youngest went away for the week on a school adventuring trip and my Other Half went away with work for the week. My eldest works and then spent most of her spare time at her boyfriends, so it was just me and Alfie for the week.

I like my own company don’t get me wrong, but Alfie was confused and this made him a little more naughty than usual. This at a time I was still recovering from being quite ill from an Ehlers-Danlos attack last weekend (so I apologise for, not engaging much last week.)

IMG_9159I did, however, receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my daughter to thank me for being with her all the hours I was, when she was in the hospital.

And when my son came back from his trip he bought me the best present a writer mum could want – a new pen!



Then my Other Half came home, Alfie has settled down and is happily laying next to anyone that is still for five minutes! It’s lovely to have everyone back. Me time was nice, but I still had to get up early to walk Alfie and he had me up late while he fretted about everyone not being in the house, and now we all feel complete again.

What was weird though, was I had the opportunity to take my books up to the local library – because initially I’m donating a couple and if they are borrowed well, they will buy more – and I didn’t do it. I was gripped by a massive fear. A huge insecurity about it. These are real books, in a real building and the manager, wanted to discuss having real author talks when I took the books up. And I bottled out. I’m going to try again on Thursday when the manager is next in, but wow, I didn’t realise how hard it would be. Any advice on actually speaking to really lovely librarians about your books and them wanting to help you, but you being terrified, would be much appreciated!

AvailableI have achieved something this week though. I finally uploaded Shallow Waters to the Nook platform and the Google Play platform! Now that was hard work because all the platforms are so different. There’s an issue with Nook in that there’s no description and there’s no-one there to answer my email at the weekend, but it’s up. So it’s now live on Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Google Play!

Now to get on with Hannah Robbins 2!

Thanks for sitting with me. How has your week been?

24 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee I’d Talk About Family And Insecurity

  1. Your children gave you lovely presents, Rebecca! And I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a little better now, and well enough to update us. I’ve found that it can be nice to have some time to yourself. At the same time though, there’s nothing quite like having family too.

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    1. I am feeling better than I was thank you Margot, though it’s always an up and down process for me and one I have to learn to live with. It is nice to have that time, but as you say, it’s always nice to have them all return safely again. 🙂


  2. What a sweet, loving family you have, Rebecca – glad you managed to get a bit of ‘quiet time’ but also have them all back now. Funny to hear how Alfie was really unsettled by this. We had our cat Zoe in a ‘pension’ while we were away skiing and she is still sniffing everything and trying to settle back down again.
    Do, do take your book to the library! Don’t waste the opportunity, no need to be insecure about it. There may be some who think the subject matter is too ‘strong’, but there will be at least as many who will enjoy the book. Good luck!

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    1. He was unsettled, which I didn’t expect. And Zoe, our pets are funny creatures aren’t they? We think they don’t always pay attention, only to being fed, but they pay much more attention that we realise.

      And I will take that book. Thank you Marina.

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  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I don’t blame you for being a bit nervous about the whole library thing, but be strong and do it. You’ve got nothing to lose and lots of readers to gain. It’s cheesy but feel that fear, do it anyway and defeat it! And your family sounds lovely. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Got someone who could go with you – just as moral support? If I weren’t so far, far away, I’d offer to go. 🙂

    Sweet gifts from your kids. Enjoy those times. Mine’s been gone from home for a long time.

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  5. I do hope you make that trip to the Library, because that has the potential to do you some real good as an author.

    My week was sort of bleh. I got some writing done which is good, but missed a couple of days of work, which is not.

    And I just LOVE it when people give me good pens.

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  6. Lovely flowers! And groovy pink pen! Hope everything’s back to normal now everyone’s home and you and your daughter are both feeling better. But do, definitely, take your book to the library. The librarian manager sounds nice, so just admit to being nervous and not having done anything like that before. The thing is, as a self-published author, you’ve got to do some “selling” too. And I’m sure, once you do this, it’ll get easier. Plus you could gain yourself a whole army of new Hannah fans. So good luck (and glad this week’s been better than last!) xx

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  7. Definitely make that library trip this week. It will be difficult for you at first but maybe you should jot down a few ideas about why you write or about the book or even about the next in the series so you will have something to talk about. And be honest with the librarian about your fears and your “newbieness” to the process. I think that will go a long way to putting you at ease. Also, don’t be afraid of doing readings or talks. It’s super. I love reading my writing in public. I get such energy from the audience that it makes me want to go on and on with reading and talking about my writing. It has been a long, long time since I’ve done any readings…gosh more than a decade! But given the opportunity, I would jump at it! So go! It will be fine!

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    1. Thank you Corina, I like the idea about jotting things down. When you want to have an important conversation you always get tongue tied don’t you? The librarian was lovely though, she couldn’t have been more helpful the first time I met her so I don’t know why I’m feeling so anxious now. You’ve made it sound all fun though. Thank you.

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  8. I really like these posts – like chatting with a friend over coffee (or tea!) I would be as terrified as you if I was talking about my work to a librarian – but go for it! Shallow Waters is so compelling – I have a friend reading it at the moment and she grabbed me before I left work Friday and said “I just have to say… THAT BOOK!” She is devouring it like I did. Have faith in your work! x

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  9. Glad you’re feeling better and love the pen!! Take your books in – you can do it! You’re inspiring me to take that step as well! 🙂 And congrats on the uploading – it takes a lot out of you figuring it out! Have a great week!

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  10. Thank you. And yes, you can take that step! When I asked without realising I was going to do it, it was so easy and the librarian was so lovely. It’s just insecurity now, but you can do it. We both can 🙂


  11. Another lovely coffee meeting, Rebecca! I’m so excited for your pending library date. My advice is the same as I would give myself…take a deep breath, smile, and be yourself! You’ll do great. They will love you:)


  12. It’s strange, isn’t it, how we can be so confident among our peers, and those familiar with our work, but when we have to meet with people face to face, those who might not understand how important it is – we freeze. The thing is, librarians love books, and I’m sure the next manager – the one you’re going to walk up to with a confident smile, will be really interested in your book 🙂 Enjoy half-term. Me time is great, but sometimes we need family 🙂 Thanks for the tea. It was a pleasure as always x


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