Fourth Week Round Up of the A to Z Challenge

So, this week didn’t go entirely as planned. But that’s life. Or my life anyway. I have a lot on my plate and my brain just decided to take a short holiday. This resulted in two missing days from the A to Z challenge.

Here are the posts that did make it into the past week’s lineup. I hope you enjoy them. There is a variety in there.

1 – Recently Read – The Reaper by Steven Dunne

2 – Stav Sherez – Author Interview

3 – The Strangeness of Scale at Twitter – Del Harvey

4 – Where Can You Meet Fellow Writers?

4 thoughts on “Fourth Week Round Up of the A to Z Challenge

  1. Rebecca – I always appreciate these round-ups. It’s nice to take a look back at the week. Hard to believe the A-Z challenge is coming to a close for another year. It’s gone by awfully quickly!


  2. Hi Rebecca – I really found last week hard with posts – I squeezed them in, but I noticed how much harder it was! And we’re nearly finished! I think I might miss the discipline of it, but I hope it’s shown me I could write daily & maybe give me the impetus to do so!! K x


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